July 2014

Profiles In Changemaking: Molly Barker & Girls On The Run

New Rules For New Leadership (Part 1)

Molly Barker is a self-definer. She is also the founder of Girls on the Run. This organization has helped more than a million young women ages 8-13 get their footing early in life through a mentoring program that is centered around training for a 5k run. 

As Molly describes it, her dedication to the physical and emotional health of young women is rooted in her personal mission to help pre-teens find themselves before they are defined by society into what she calls: the girl box.

Everything You Change Changes Everything

The world is changing. Society is tearing down its system of silos and hierarchy — and jobs of repetition and efficiency are going away. The new system is fast, fluid, and one that is characterized by changemaking. In this new game, everyone plays; everyone is bigger.

I can illustrate the nature of this change based on a similar occurrence within my organization during the 2008 Obama presidential campaign. The experience triggered a personal paradigm shift that flipped my view of leadership on its head.