Way Forward Strategies

Henry De Sio is the founder and president of Way Forward Strategies, a launching pad for leaders and highly effective organizations.  Way Forward Strategies began as a boutique campaign and communications practice.  Today, Henry offers executive coaching, communications and management consulting, and public speaking keynotes to innovators, entrepreneurs, and professionals across sectors.

Leadership Coaching

As you rise in your career, it becomes increasingly important to have a peer to confide in who has similarly experienced unique professional successes.  Having nurtured Obama for America from a startup in the earliest days and scaling it to the nearly $1B cutting-edge technology & communications powerhouse it became, Henry has confronted the everyday challenges facing leaders in both seedling and high-growth settings. 

Communications & Management Strategies

Henry De Sio brings nearly three decades of strategic communications and organizational management expertise.  He weaves executive vision into public relations, leading-edge digital advocacy, grassroots-mobilization, and operational solutions. His years in the campaign hothouse have equipped him as a savvy crisis management counselor.

Public Speaking & Keynote Addresses

Henry brings his unique brand of pace, purpose, and passion to every speaking engagement -- telling the story of building President Obama's cutting-edge 2008 campaign operation from a seedling startup in the earliest days to the nearly $1 billion powerhouse enterprise it became.  His lessons from the campaign trail on winning and success, as well as the principles he describes that drive individual and organizational achievement in a rapidly-changing world are invaluable for innovators, entrepreneuers, and executives.