The Early Days of Hope & Change (Part 3 of 3)

As the Obama for America organization reaches it's final moments, the following is a look back at the beginning (2007): 


Unlike the traditional business startup where the assimilation of the workforce can be modulated and the culture systematically shaped, campaigns are hastily constructed and grow from seeds of turmoil and disarray. This caused a “Wild West” atmosphere in the beginning. What we were attempting was the organizational equivalent of creating a village from scratch, where a stream of people arrived all at once to a place that had no rules, no norms, and no structure. Chaos was the immediate consequence.

Learn how Barack Obama took command of the culture and ethos of his budding organization: 

View the C-SPAN video clip.

Behind the scripted candidate movements and disciplined messaging that voters see and hear on TV, the unpredictable human response to this complicated work environment can affect staff and ultimately, each organization differently. My charge and that of the rest of us in management was to corral discord. From chaos, order must rise or the operation will ultimately fail.


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