Profiles In Changemaking: Molly Barker & Girls On The Run

New Rules For New Leadership (Part 1)

Molly Barker is a self-definer. She is also the founder of Girls on the Run. This organization has helped more than a million young women ages 8-13 get their footing early in life through a mentoring program that is centered around training for a 5k run. 

As Molly describes it, her dedication to the physical and emotional health of young women is rooted in her personal mission to help pre-teens find themselves before they are defined by society into what she calls: the girl box.

Molly experienced the conflict of trying to live up to the unreasonable standards placed on young women along with the barrage of unhealthy media messages directed their way. Running helped her escape from those pressures, and this became the seedling for her idea that later grew into a global movement.

"Define Thyself Lest You Be Defined"

This is my favorite leadership principle. It was my golden rule on the campaign trail. It is the true north on my new leadership compass. And it is the foundation for Everyone A Changemaker, which defines this new societal moment where everyone leads. Whether you are running for office or one of Molly's Girls on the Run, claiming your frame is the first step to stepping into your BIGness.

Because Molly understands the frame around you can box you in or set you free to do powerful things, she has inspired an entire generation of women to live in harmony with themselves and to live peacefully and happily outside of the girl box.


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